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 Law Enforcement  - Twenty Years Experience

- Michael's shares his  Personal Life Changing Story sure to leave you Inspired to look at your life in such a way you never thought would. A Truly Powerful Message of  Never Giving Up Hope.

Elementary, Middle and High School Programs

Keynote Speaker for The New Jersey State Public Transportation Convention at Bally's Casino  Atlantic City, New, Jersey 2016.

Ingrid Reitano (Retire) N.J.S.T.D.

Topic and Programs

- Michael's Secrets to a Long, Happy, Healthy Marriage through Personal Experience and through Humor. A True Emotional Rollo Coaster of  Ups and Down that will leave you in tears of  both Sadness and Joy. You never know if  Michael's wife Donna of  35 Years, just might show up for this one to share HER SIDE! :)

"A Truly Remarkable Speaker that Speaks from his Heart and Touches Yours".

- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  (P.T.S.D.)

- The Silent Signs of Depression

- Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness and Prevention

- Surviving  Law Enforcement Marriage and Relationships

- Member of The Search and Rescue / Recovery Teams at The World Trade Center (Ground Zero), for The Port Authority of New York / New Jersey Police Department on 9.11.2001.


- Sharing His Inspiring Life Changing Story  Growing Up from a Broken Childhood.

- Anti Bullying

‚Äč- Depression and Teen Suicide Prevention and Awareness.

* Teenagers and Law Enforcement Interaction -  High Schools Students Only *

-  9-11-2001  Michael's Emotional Story working at The World Trade Center in N.Y.C. as a member of  the one of many Search and Rescue / Recovery  Teams  for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey  P.D.