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Michael's Story     

​​​​​​​Michael  and his wife Donna have been married for thirty-three years.                                     Together they've raised two beautiful daughters who are now married with families of their own.
Married at a young age, Michael 21 and Donna 19, life wasn't easy for them. Their love and commitment to marriage and family has been tested many times over those years together, having survived struggles and hardships that would have ended most marriages.

Michael had always aspired to become a police officer.  But, during his twenties, the pressures of married life and providing security for his family caused him to make one bad decision after another.  Those were rough years, living in a apartment with a wife and two children, unable to live up to his own expectations of himself as a father. 
His hope of becoming a police officer being challenged as he went from one dead end job to another. Michael, remembering his own childhood, endeavored to persevere and never stopped chasing his dream.     

On November 1st, 1993, at the age of 31, Michael was excepted into the police academy for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. His childhood dream now fulfilled, Michael was able to uproot his family from that 700 square foot apartment on Staten Island and plant them on the Jersey Shore. Just minutes from the shore, Michael and his wife still reside in the home they had built in 1997.  On 9.11.2001 tragedy struck Michael's life and his resolve was tested once again.

The World Trade Center in New York had been brought down by terrorist's flying high jacked commercial airliners.  Over three thousand Americans lost their lives that day, 37 which were Michael's fellow officers,  one his friend and partner.  Michael was part of the search and rescue team on the evening of 9-11.  In the days to follow search and rescue became search and recover for weeks.  It was during this phase, at what is known as "Ground Zero" that the horrific sights Michael experienced took a  toll on him the longer stayed.  

Today, since his retirement from law enforcement, Michael's goal is to Inspire not just today's youth, but everyone to "Never Give Up" on life as well as themselves. Michael believes that no matter where you came from,  no matter what your backgrounds may be, no matter what life throws at you or how tough it may be,  to never let yourPast  dictate your Future and never make excuses not to  Succeed in Life, for he is living proof.