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Michael Ashton's childhood wasn't one that could be classified as living the American Dream.  He, along with his 7 other siblings, were born into poverty living in the projects of New York Cities Westside Manhattan.  What so many other children in 1960's middle class America had,  Michael never experienced,  love and security that a stable family life provides.  At the age of five, due to his parents indigence,  he was removed from his parents custody and placed in an orphanage home on Staten Island.  This shattered all hope Michael had for any resemblance of a normal family life.  While at the orphanage home,  Michael was then placed in a foster home with his younger brother only to become a victim of "Child Abuse" at the hands of his foster father for over seven years.  At age fifteen and with the help of social services Michael was able to move into a group home.  The respite didn't last long and he was returned  back to the  foster home.  This occurrence  precipitated the actions that would change Michael's life forever.  At the age of sixteen,  Michael 's oldest sister excepted full guardianship of him,  but that only lasted a few months.  Facing another crossroad in his troubled youth,  he dropped out of high school.  Michael began studying for his G.E.D. while working double shifts as a full time dishwasher in lower Manhattan in order to survive.  He braced himself for the worst and it had found him.  He ended up homeless,  living out of a suitcase and jumping from one menial job to another just to survive for the life he wasn't prepared for.  Many adolescents have reached a point like this in their lives and they are faced with choices. The choices that Michael made at this juncture in his life are what make his story so Miraculous as well as Inspirational.


Let me tell you something you all ready know.  The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows.  It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are,  it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it.  You, me, or nobody is gonna hit hard as life.  But it ain't about how hard you hit.  It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.  How much you can take and keep moving forward...That's how WINNING IS DONE!  

The first five minutes, Michael  had the students  undivided attention,  as well as all the instructors. His stories does have a touch of  humor at times,  but it's his childhood growing up in a foster home that becomes so  emotionally  intense, that  he touches the hearts to so many.  What an Inspirational Story  shared by Michael.  The students could not stop asking him questions about his life as well as his experiences being a Police Officer for over twenty years.  We will be inviting Michael to our academy  as long as he's available!

                                           Patrolmen Michael Cicero

                                           Instructor for the  Ocean Country

                                           Junior Police Academy.

                                           Waretown, New Jersey


- Introduction -

-Rocky Balboa's Inspirational Speech from Rocky VI -

Michael sure has a gift interacting with pre-teens while sharing his Inspiring Childhood Story! Its amazing to watch the expression on our student faces while listening to him speak. Surprisingly to our staff, our students wanted to hear more. His message of Anti-Bullying is Straight Up and the students get it. We will be inviting again in the future!


                                                                                                                                                           Mrs. Kay  6th Grade

                                                Waretown Middle School 


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​​Never  Give  Up

The Best   Law Enforcement and Teen Interaction speakerfor High School Students we had up to date!  Michael Ashton not only shares his  Inspiring Story of his Childhood,   but his days at the World Trade Center in New York City on 09.11.2001 as well.  His story is truly remarkable and his message resonates to so many of our students. He convinces us all that nothing is impossible in life if we chose to believe in ourselves. We look forward for him as a guest speaker at our school every year!

                   Teacher and Retired Police Lt. Scott McDonald

                                   Academy of Law and Public Safety

                                   Monmouth County Vocational School District.


​  That's How Winning is Done !